Criteria for recipients

Over the years, the IAEA Staff Association Ball has pledged its support for charity projects that have a positive and sustainable impact.

Our particular focus has been on national and international humanitarian endeavours to help orphans and children in need. Our hope is that we can contribute to alleviating their plight - and securing a sound education and more promising future for those who are in need around the globe.

Criteria for recipients of charitable donations

The IAEA Staff Council shall review all requests for charity donations that were submitted before 30 September each year and decide which charities should benefit from the proceeds of the Ball. A donation would normally not be less than €5,000 and not more than €10,000. 

The following non-exhaustive list of categories/projects (in no particular order) may be considered by the IAEA Staff Council in selecting recipients for charitable donations: 

  • Children (Orphanages, Education, etc.) 
  • Homeless (Shelters, Soup-kitchens, Rehabilitation, etc.) 
  • Refugees (as defined by the UNHCR Geneva Convention on Refugees 1951) 
  • Victims of Famine (Drought, War, etc.) 
  • Victims of Natural Disasters (Earthquakes, Floods, etc.) 
  • Environmental Protection (in line with Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 
  • Emergency Health situations as addressed by the IAEA (Ebola, Zika, PACT programmes, etc.) 

In considering requests for charity donations, the IAEA Staff Council shall apply the following conditions: 

  • Non-politically aligned (shall not be attached to any political party or movement). 
  • Non-denominational (charities may have ties to religious persuasions but shall not tie aid to religion or conduct any form of proselytizing). 
  • Non-discriminatory (Ethnicity, Gender, Race, Religion/absence thereof, Sexual Orientation). 

In selecting recipients of charitable donations, the IAEA Staff Council shall give due preference to the following types of charitable organizations in the following order: 

  1. Primary: Non-Governmental Organizations 
  2. Secondary: Recognized/Registered Associations 
  3. Tertiary: Intergovernmental Organizations 

Further considerations that shall be applied are: 

  • No less than fifty percent (50%) of the total charitable donations in a given calendar year shall be given to Austrian charities (with “Österreichisches Spendengütesiegel”) for projects within Austria as a way of giving back to the local community. 
  • Distribution across areas of need (Homeless, Refugees, etc.). One charity per category to the extent possible. 
  • All non-Austrian Charities selected to receive funding shall be given such in conjunction with their respective Permanent Mission. If needed, the Permanent Mission will be requested to confirm that the charity is legitimate before the donation is made. This measure will act as verification for non-Austrian charities. Further it is hoped that working through the Permanent Missions in this manner will increase the visibility and reputation of the IAEA Staff Association amongst the Member States. 

Note: We reserve the right to contact organizations to confirm the information provided in this application.