Information for sponsors

General information

The IAEA Staff Association Ball is an annual event organized by the IAEA Staff Association, and is one of the most prestigious and popular events of the Vienna Ball Season.

Every year, the IAEA Staff Association Ball sells out within days and over 3,600 high profile guests are expected (including diplomats and officials of the Vienna-based organizations).

The Ball is under the patronage of Dr Alexander Van der Bellen, Federal President of the Republic of Austria, and the Honorary Presidency of Dr Michael Ludwig, Mayor of Vienna.

All proceeds are donated to Charity.

Sponsorship by Permanent Missions

Opening Ceremony of the Ball (Festsaal)

Permanent Missions wishing to be the main sponsor of the IAEA Staff Association Ball should provide the opening performance (singers, dancers, etc.) This could include a traditional/national or modern act, for example, for a duration of 30 minutes maximum. All performances will be video filmed and displayed in all the rooms at the Hofburg Palace during the Ball, and will also be published on the IAEA Staff Association Ball website.

All expenses related to this performance during the opening ceremony should be borne by the Permanent Mission.

"Damenspende" (Entrance)

It is a tradition to give small gifts to the ladies attending the Ball at the end of the evening when they leave (at least 1,500 gifts are distributed).

These gift bags normally contain small items donated by different companies from the country sponsoring the Ball (i.e. soaps, cosmetics, handicrafts, sweets, etc.).

Gift set donated by the Permanent Mission of Tunisia at the 2015 IAEA Staff Association Ball.

Optional: Promotional stand (Entrance)

Permanent Missions have the possibility to set up promotional stand at the entrance in the foyer of the Hofburg Palace to promote tourism to their country and advertise for their local products. The stands are normally manned from 19:00 until 22:00.

All expenses related to the promotional stand should be borne by the Permanent Mission.

Optional: Light projections (Seitengalerie, Feststiege and/or in other rooms)

Permanent Missions have the possibility to project promotional images/graphics at the Seitengalerie, Feststiege and/or in other rooms. This can be arranged at an additional cost, to be borne by the Permanent Mission.